Shore protection of all types of river

shore protection of all types of river, sea and other reservoirs;

– installation of dams, dams and other protective hydraulic structures;

– dredging, clearing of water area, water releases of engineering constructions;

– water intake structures;

– fish protection structures;

– canals of water management and reclamation systems and structures on them;

– structures (dams) enclosing ash and slag dumps and storage of liquid waste of industrial organizations;

– hydraulic structures for small vessels;

– retaining walls;

– watering;

– landscaping;

The company “Rialto” produces a complete set of design and estimate documentation in accordance with DBN A.2.2-3: 2014, passing the examination, obtaining approval from the relevant services in the manner prescribed by current legislation of Ukraine. If necessary, the object of designing the environmental impact assessment (EIA) in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment”, our certified specialists will ensure the development of a report on environmental impact assessment and support of the procedure with a reasoned opinion.